Thome Tames Tigers… Again!

When the Chicago White Sox traded for slugger Jim Thome, a resounding "oh crap!" was heard from 305 miles east in the heart of Detroit. Thome, a former Cleveland Indians first baseman, returned to the American League after a three-year hiatus in Philadelphia. Worse yet for the Tigers, he returned to their division and in the first two games of the opening set in Comerica Park, he has continued to exact his prowess over the team. Thome is 3-for-8 with two home runs (5 for the season) in Chicago's two wins over Detroit. The two home runs give him 44 lifetime off of the Detroit Tigers, most of any team. Through 130 games against Detroit:

427 AB
.309 AVG
.459 OBP
.682 SLG
44 HR
97 RBI
103 R
22 2B
3 3B

He even has three triples against Detroit. THREE TRIPLES! Only Minnesota has yielded as many triples. In fact, prior to this series, the two teams were tied in home runs allowed by Thome at 42. Look for more Thome fireworks in late April when the Twins visit Chicago for a three-game set starting April 21st. The 4-3 loss this afternoon pushed the Tigers to 5-3 overall.


3 Responses to “Thome Tames Tigers… Again!”

  1. I see thome’s success paid off again today with another bomb. So they say comerica’s not a hitters park..shit, tell that to the hitters. Another high run game. Verlander got ripped…you have to be extremely careful when you use him in a fantasy lineup. alot of writers were handing him the ROY after the start versus the rangers but hellll no. HOwever after getting ripped, i will promptly start him next game. This guy is a competitor and will work hard next game. Just watch.

    As for the tigers..they started hot and now cooled off. On paper i love the team. speedy leadoff man, solid power in the 3-4 holes, a couple guys hit for average and then sheltons been outstanding. What stops this team from getting to the playoffs? Is their staff strong enough. Is this the case of a team having alot of good players but needing that one leader. Does pudge like the clubhouse nowadays? Give me some insight.

  2. I agree with you in regards to Verlander. All the hype in the world can’t keep him from being a rookie that is going to struggle (just look at Felix). As for this team going forward, I don’t know that they are playoff contenders as is. They’d need to make a move, who or what, I don’t know. I don’t suggest they do anything that would hinder their immediate future in order for a sniff this year (see also: Zambrano for Kazmir). The lineup is stout top to bottom with a good bench that includes big power from guys like Marcus Thames. I think 2006 will be spent just over .500 making life hell for contenders that get stuck facing them late allowing them to play the role of spoiler. I’d love to be wrong and watch them contend for 162 for either the division or a WC berth, but I’m trying to remain realistic.


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