Phil Nevin Traded.

It is being reported by the Texas Rangers that 1st basemen/designated hitter Phil Nevin has been traded to the Chicago Cubs. No details yet on who the Rangers received in return. I’ll update with the players headed back to Texas and my thoughts on the deal when it is officially completed.

Update: The Rangers will reportedly receive Jerry Hairston Jr. for their end of the trade. I’m unsure the thinking of either team regarding the trade. I guess the Rangers were looking for a way to get Jason Botts into the lineup. For the Cubs part, Nevin can play 1B or LF, but Matt Murton has been solid in left so maybe they are going to move Todd Walker from 1st to 2nd, put Nevin at 1st, and Tony Womack on the bench. When Derrek Lee returns, who knows where Nevin will play?


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