Are You Kidding Me???

This crucial stretch of games against top notch opponents goes from bad to worse with Alex Cintron‘s 3-run home run in the 8th inning giving the White Sox the first game of the series. I am very disappointed after tonight as this stretch really isn’t panning out at all how I had hoped. Must be that damned Sports Illustrated curse:

All along I have felt this period against New York, Boston, Chicago & Toronto was very important for the Tigers going forward. Unfortunately, they have fallen flat in their efforts to prove that they belong. What started as a great problem to have with two closers, morphed into a closer controversy when Todd Jones stopped being effective, but after tonight may have opened the door for someone entirely new to get a shot in the 8th-9th inning high leverage situations. Possibly Joel Zumaya. I know this team can play better in these tight situations, I just want them to show it.


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