I Are Scientists

I’m super-pissed about yet another close loss for my Detroit Tigers, but after seeing my favorite band, We Are Scientists in concert tonight at Stubbs, I’m in no mood (or condition) to go off on the ballclub. I’m not sure if any of my readers are W.A.S fans, but they were absolutely amazing!! I cannot believe they didn’t play “What’s the Word” though. I’m simply dumbfounded by that. They played 11 of the 12 songs on their debut album, With Love and Squalor, with the lone omission being arguably (likely) their best song. At any rate, I still loved the show. It was the second time I’ve seen them, but the first time being fully aware of the album. The last (first) time I saw them was at the end of SXSW with She Wants Revenge and I didn’t know any of their songs. From there, they become my favorite band and I’ve been jamming the hell out of them ever since.

Take a listen/look:

If, for some reason, you deem my music opinions worthy based solely on your enjoyment of the baseball portion of this blog and want to try out the CD, have at it… you’ll also be supporting BBP:


2 Comments to “I Are Scientists”

  1. It doesn’t allow you to embed the video, it says.

    They’re pretty good. I haven’t listened to much rock lately, though. I know plenty of people who’d like em. Good choice.

  2. My apologies with the vid. Shoulda checked it out first. I’ll find another vid I like and drop it down and see if they allow that. I hadn’t listened to much rock for a long time and recently (last 6 mo.) came back to it.

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