Miner Declares Major.

And it’s pitching! How did no one use that headline when he was promoted? It seems so easy. At any rate, Zach Miner went seven strong giving the Tigers three of four from the Devil Rays as they get set for interleague play. With their 43rd win, the team matched their 2003 season total! There was some talk over at DTW regarding the big record against inferior teams and middling record against the elite.

While I have been at the forefront of those (whiners?) suggesting the team needs to win against the big boys, I am plenty ok with this trend moving forward. My biggest gripe with the losses to the upper echelon of teams was the way some were lost late. If Tigers can hang at or above .500 against the best of the best and crush the garbage, then they will contend all year. Three of four from Tampa Bay is nice, the only reason I could see being at all upset is that all four were there on our plate.

Here are a few pieces on the Tigers, specifically Justin Verlander:

Nate Silver of Baseball Prospectus breaks down Verlander (subscription required).

Steve DiMeglio of USAToday discusses Verlander’s rise prominence this season.


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