Why Are You Here?

Who’s your Tiger?
Is it the homophobic gascan that can’t close a door much less a ball game?
Is it the overpaid pile of a crap that was inexplicably signed in the off-season?
Is it the stupid jackass paying more attention to non-creative hecklers than he is getting out of an inning?
My Tiger isn’t, nor will ever be, Todd Jones.


4 Responses to “Why Are You Here?”

  1. I’ll go ahead and keep that half’ bag o cheez-it’s. Take your Todd Jones and shove it.

    Ok, seriously. Joel Zumaya: 2ip 5k’s + successes of papelbon = zumaya needs to be closer. Why should a team wait for the future when the future is already there? Rodney is working on his mechanics or whatever Jason Beck of MLB.com is saying he is doing…Jones is good at sucking.

    Leyland said the 2 impressive arms of spring training were verlander and zumaya. I know it would be tough to ride them to the postseason but its officially time to hop on.

  2. I hate Todd Jones. Hate him. I heard a rumor that the O’s signed him this off-season and someone had to pull my head out of the oven to tell me it wasn’t true.


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