The Problem

Two excellent columns, the most recent written yesterday, by Yahoo!’s Jeff Passan regarding the joke of MLB blackout rules. For me, living in Texas and being a Tigers fan, I’m ok as I don’t miss too many games, but I simply couldn’t imagine living in Las Vegas where six teams are routinely blacked out.

First Article
Second Article

Ridiculous Blackout Map (too large to embed here).

Instead of penning meaningless open letters to the fans, how about you actually do something about a problem that greatly affects the fans, Mr. Selig???


7 Responses to “The Problem”

  1. well if it took MLB 3 years to sell the Nationals, maybe this tv mess will get fixed sometime in our lifetime. The El Paso fan not being able to see the Rangers or Astros is about as retarded as it gets.

  2. I just want to give all those out-of-town Boston Red Sox fans – or any fans for that matter – who desperately want to watch games on’s MLB.TV Premium service, here’s an early heads-up warning about this still pathetic (non) service.

    First and foremost, don’t try to contact Customer Support in any fashion whatsoever. They haven’t responded to any of my 2-4 day old emails and forget Customer Support via the phone. In 3 evenings and a total over of 1 hours and 45 minutes, no breathing entity would answer my call. You end up instead in “on-hold purgatory”. Last night (4/18) was the worst – I stupidly stayed on the phone during the Red-Sox-Toronto game for 67 minutes. Despite MLB repeatedly mentioning B.S. on how “important my call” was and that I “would experience a brief delay” and how “assistance is just a moment away”, after 67 minutes, it never happened and I gave up.

    My primary complaint seems subtle at first but a warning to everyone who wants this service – there are no commericals during the MLB.TV internet broadcast – just a simulation of a Pac Man game. This isn’t bad the first 27 or so times but it will get on your nerves eventually.

    But Pac Man’s not the primary problem…

    What’s no so subtle is that the Pac Man simulation continues and continues on into the game – deep into the game – and numerous times. In fact, at least 5 times in the last 3 games, the Pac Man simulation ended and went back to the game with only 1 out remaining before the next Pac Man simulation. Are you kidding me? Give me a Foxwood’s commercial anytime over this. It’s absolutely ridiculous and will quickly pi$$ you off.

    Finally, I have a T1 connection and the video quality still stinks even though they say it’s better. It’s still grainy and choppy. You get numerous broken connections and lockups. Audio may or may not continue while the video may or may not continue in non-synchronization. Nice! And MLB.TV is the only thing clogging my bandwidth.

    I want to watch the Boston Red Sox as bad as anyone else but I’m not going to deal with this type of inconsiderate service and you shouldn’t either.

    Also, there conflicting information on the Trial Period. The site says 5-days but a follow-up email from says 10-days. Of course, if you have a question about this, who ya gonna call? Good luck.

    Please avoid MLB.TV and try Dish Network or just fly to Boston – it might be easier.

    Has anyone else out there having the same problems with this service as me?

  3. When redsox on the road can get on my pc full screen. but my complaint is still pictures. so i email mlb custmer service. they don’t answer but home opener zoom lense appears with a big black screen tiny 6″ picture. can move the picture but am locked out from increasing the size. I also have to watch everything from the beginning and cannot find where i left off before. have to see everything from the beginning. i sent email telling them i want to cancel. no respond to my emails that i sent 10 days ago.

  4. Searching for others with problems, I found yours from a year ago, and a year later I couldn’t have said it any baetter. I’m using it in my credit card dispute to cancel their charge. Any new on their disgraceful service?

  5. “yours” meaning Ed Girard from 4/19/07

  6. MLB TV really sucks! The bandwidth issue has not been resolved. I also have plenty of local width, but get miserly numbers from MLB (1.5 mb / 358 kb). What’s going on MLB? You are NOT providing the service I paid for. This is my LAST year doing this crap. Hire someone who can handle this stuff for you overpaid pigs.


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