Houston At A Glance


As luck would have it, I didn’t get swamped by too much traffic and I have time to take a quick look at Detroit’s next opponent, the Houston Astros. One quick sidenote about my first day of work, there was a girl in my training class named Jamie Walker. I immediately thought of our lefty specialist out of the pen. I resisted the inclination to reference him right away, but after finding out she was a softball player, I mentioned it. I thought I’d look like a total goofball (nothing new), but the conversation went smoothly:

Ms. Walker – For five years my birth certificate had me listed as a male.
Me – There is a professional baseball player with your name.
Ms. Walker – I know, he plays for the Tigers, right?
Me – Yes.
Ms. Walker – They’re doing pretty well this year…
Me – :thinsktoself: Holy crap, that’s awesome!

Meanwhile, I probably mumbled something stupid like “Gee whiz, they sure are!”

On to the Astros, tonight they throw Wandy Rodriguez against Zach Miner. They are getting to Miner early as they are up 1-0 in the top of the 1st with the bases loaded. Update: Preston Wilson pulls a “himself” and gives Miner a GIDP to get out with just the one run.

Tuesday features the “Rocket” Roger Clemens, who wasn’t too bad in his first start last week. In the series finale, the Tigers face Andy Pettitte, who has been pretty awful all year long. The Tigers will be the favorite in at least two of three games, if not all three, and should deliver a sixth straight series win.

Astros at a glance:

Category Rank
Runs 14th
HR 13th
AVG t16th
OBP t12th
SLG t21st
ERA 16th
OAVG 13th
WHIP t7th
K/BB 6th
K/9 13th

I might drop back in after bowling league tonight.


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