Jessica Alba Loves the Tigers

This is actually pretty old, but the team has been playing at almost a Jessica Alba-like status of excellence and thus I figured I’d post a picture from two years ago when the beautiful actress was in Detroit for a Tigers-Yankees tilt:

The Yankees dumped the Tigers by a 5-1 margin that midsummer evening, but I have a feeling that many fans still went home happy.

Tonight, the offense kept rolling with 14 hits and 10 runs including a five run third inning that ended up being enough in the 10-4 win. Clemens is running into a buzzsaw for his second start of the season coming up against a team with 55 hits and 44 runs in their last six games.


3 Comments to “Jessica Alba Loves the Tigers”

  1. Is it just me, or did Jessica steal the show in Into The Blue? I had to watch it again just to see her swimming.

  2. Jessica Alba is okay, she’s a great artist. I’ve seen some of her movies, and she’s actually fantastic. I just don’t see her as a woman portraying a role just like Diane Kruger’s role in Troy. Although for sure she’ll do perfect in romatic comedies.

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