Random Update…

Hey everyone, hope your 4th of July was enjoyable. Mine was fine outside of the extra inning loss to drop the series to Oakland. Hopefully Kenny Rogers can salvage one today against Kirk Saarloos. Still training at work for the rest of this week and to make up for getting yesterday off, we have to stay later on Wednesday, Thursday & Friday! I have plenty of stuff planned for the All-Star Break as far as looking at some things in-depth, so stay tuned for that. Tonight, I hope to have a Seattle preview up or maybe something else since there is an off-day tomorrow. Maybe something non-Tigers intensive. We’ll just have to see. Anyway, I’m pleased at how the site is growing and though I’m back in the workforce, I don’t plan on neglecting my posting duties here. Thanks to everyone who reads and I hope you continue to do so. For your reading pleasure until I get back later this evening, I suggest you take a peek at Aaron Gleeman‘s recap of his trip to the SABR convention. Most already have him on their daily roll, but just in case here it is.


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