Liriano Pulled Early From Start.

I’m not posting this as an “in-your-face” sort of thing against the Twins, but Francisco Liriano was pulled in the middle of the 3rd inning during his first start since going on the disabled list. No word yet on the severity or what the root cause of the departure is, but Liriano seems to have hurt his shoulder on a pitch in the dirt. While it is good news for the Tigers, I never cheer an injury for anyone, especially when I particularly like a player as I do Liriano.


One Comment to “Liriano Pulled Early From Start.”

  1. Word from the Twin cities is that he didn’t tear anything worse than before he took the mound on Tuesday. While Minnesota would love to have him, they have been fine without him. Boof Bonser is turning into a consistent number 2 starter. You may laugh, but it’s been 4-5 good starts down the stretch. Johan is unhittable at the metrodome.

    Having to cover highlights of the twins everyday (and the possibility of covering postseason baseball) I’m rooting for the twinkies. One game back baby!!!

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