Words cannot begin to describe how good I am feeling right now. Coming into the series, I was terrified of the big, bad Yankees. After game one, I gained a lot of confidence in the team and felt that with a game two win, they were very much part of this series. Last night’s magical performance by Kenny Rogers shifted a series win from possible to probable. Having Jeremy Bonderman on the mound against a shmuck like Jaret Wright gave me tons of confidence that the team could avoid a trip back to New York. I have plenty to say, but right now, I’m just going to soak it in and watch the Mets game with my girlfriend.

Here are some pictures from the game:


One Comment to “O-M-G!!!”

  1. Terrific pictures; I especially like the one of Monroe admiring his home run. Did you see him give it a little nod as it went out? Beautiful. That’s gonna get him in some trouble occasionally — well, that and the shoplifting — but you still love to see that attitude on your team. Remember when he got into it w/ Pierzynski? Great stuff.

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