A Quick Preview


I don’t have time to do a full preview of the LCS series because of work and other writing commitments, but I’m extremely excited for this series. I predicted Oakland to beat Detroit in the LCS when I made my initial playoff previews, then I saw how well the Tigers were pitching and now I’m like Detroit to take the series. I don’t think it’ll be sweep, but I think the Tigers can end it in less than seven.

To predict the same level of dominance from the pitching is probably expecting too much, but I think it’ll be near the same level and they’ll be facing a much lesser lineup in the A’s. The A’s bring a level of pitching far exceeding that of the New York Yankees meaning the offense will need to remain opportunistic and cash in their chances when they get them. I think the series is going to be a real dogfight and we should see some of the closest games in the playoffs with these two pitching-fueled teams squaring off.

Detroit in 6.


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