Winter Wonderland!

This was the scene in Austin, TX today as we experienced our first bit of snow since 2004. The “Winter Blast” as it’s being called has given me some time off as we were released from work early yesterday and told to stay home altogether today. Many cities deal with this kind of weather for months at a time, but its rare appearance here in Central Texas leaves many unprepared and thus pretty much closes down the city.

Let me take a second to wish eveyone a severely belated Happy New Year as I’ve been neglecting to post much of late and not since the year turned over. I haven’t lost my drive for the site or anything like that, but things have been quiet on the Tigers front and my new quest has been taking up the bulk of my free time. Meanwhile, the latest bit of Tigers news is pleasant as they avoid arbitration with all four eligible players. The team inked Omar Infante, Craig Monroe, Nate Robertson and Fernado Rodney to one-year deals.

In other Tigers-related news, the radio situation has been cleared up with WKRK 97.1 joining to simulcast with WXYT 1270 this season. Though I never experienced first hand here in Texas, many complained about the signal strength (or lack thereof) by 1270, thus the collaboration will increase the broadcasting power of the 2006 American League Champions.

New slugger Gary Sheffield will release a book this Spring that will shed some more light on his involvement with Barry Bonds and BALCO, but doesn’t disclose anything particularly new or groundbreaking. Inside Power will be released in April.

Finally, I have purchased my plane ticket and game tickets for final three Spring Training games in Joker Marchant Stadium in late March. I have never been to Spring Training, but I’m already extremely excited. The games I’ll see are against the Los Angeles Dodgers, Houston Astros and New York Yankees. I’ll be sitting in sections 108, 209 and 102, respectively.


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