Best GMs In Sports

Billfer brought to light, by way of Baseball Think Factory, a Forbes magazine listing of rankings for all the general managers in sports. Dave Dombrowski ranks 48th, which is right in the middle. It is tough to argue with most of the baseball GMs ahead of him: Billy Beane (26), Omar Minaya (29), Theo Epstein (30), Brian Sabean (31), Pat Gillick (39), John Schuerholz (42), Larry Bienfest (43) and Walt Jocketty (47). I think that Schuerholz is underrated while Sabean and Gillick are both overrated.

Joe Dumars is the highest rated Detroit GM at #15. That is about right, he is definitely the best in Detroit and I could see a justification for him being in the top 10. According to the list, the Red Wings brass has dropped significantly landing Ken Holland at 90th out of 98, yet they continue to win and pile up the points so I don’t know how he’s so low. As Billfer mentioned, Matt Millen not registering last really blasts the credibility of the list as a whole, but he is coming at 96th being only Mike Brown of the Cincinnati Bengals and Michael Lombardi of the Oakland Raiders. Kevin McHale of the Minnesota Timberwolves checks in at #1, but I thought the whole Joe Smith fiasco more or less decimated the franchise. So who knows how valid the ranks are at all.


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