2007 Season Picks

With an off-day for the team yesterday, I figure now is as good a time as any to roll out my 2007 Predictions. Actually, before the season would’ve been better, but I didn’t get to posting them here in time. Here are my division and award winners:

American League East – New York Yankees
American League Central – Detroit Tigers
American League West – Los Angeles Angels
American League Wildcard – Boston Red Sox

It is tough to leave the Minnesota Twins on the outside looking in, but I’m not a fan of their rotation after Johan Santana. In fact, I’m not sure that they are fans of their rotation after Santana.

American League MVP – Grady Sizemore
American League Cy Young – Johan Santana

With three homers already, it looks like I’m merely joining the Grady Sizemore bandwagon. Au contraire. In fact, anyone that knows me, knows full well that I’ve been driving the bandwagon for some time. I had Sizemore pegged for a monstrous season and he’s jumped out of the gate quite nicely. As for Cy Young, you’d have to be a fool to bet against Santana. He is so damn good.

National League East – Philadelphia Phillies
National League Central – Milwaukee Brewers
National League West – Arizona Diamondbacks
National League Wildcard – New York Mets

I love the baby snakes in the West. It’ll be tough for them to come away victorious, but that division is wide open.

National League MVP – Carlos Beltran
National League Cy Young – Ben Sheets

Again, Ben Sheets looks like a pick made after seeing his Opening Day start. It wasn’t, but that only helped. Frankly, if anyone made a season long prediction based on one game of the season, they’d be be foolish.

LAA over NYY
DET over BOS
LAA over DET

NYM over MIL
PHI over ARZ
PHI over NYM

LAA over PHI

I want to pick the Tigers to win it all, and I have the utmost confidence that they can, but I’m too superstitious and think that my picking them would jinx it.


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