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Tuesday: 04.10.2007

Predictions Are Stupid Anyway!

Jim Leyland went ahead and smoked my prediction before game 7 even started as Neifi Perez gets the starting nod over Brandon Inge. There’s always a pinch-hit opportunity, I guess.

Tuesday: 04.10.2007

Stolen Thunder

Well, I had been absent for a few days and so I guess that’s what I get for dropping the ball. I was going to talk a bit about Brandon Inge and his early season woes, but Billfer beat me to the punch yesterday! While Inge isn’t concerned and thinks he’s really close, Billfer is a tad less optimistic. I tend fall somewhere in between the two. Billfer points to Inge’s contact rate being 6% off of his career rate as a negative whereas I see that as reason to easy up on the panic button. Inge thinks he is taking perfect swings, but dealing with a bit of bad luck. Could it be that perhaps, as Billfer says, Inge’s newfound level of patience has been a detriment? I would say no. Frankly, it is just too early to make sweeping judgments one way or the other. I am impressed with the effort by Billfer as always, though. I’ll go ahead with my first in-season prediction and say that Inge gets his first hit tonight against Jaret Wright, who enters the game with a 15.43 ERA.