Game 9: Binging on Tomo Ohka

See? There was nothing to worry about with Brandon Inge. I don’t know that anyone was legitimately worried and thinking his season was toast, but I do feel that some unnecessary hoopla surrounded his sluggish start. He is now 3 for his last 8 with a home run (his first of the season) and three runs batted in. The Tigers are now on a 3-game winning streak, an AL best and second only to, who else, the St. Louis Cardinals and their 4-game winning streak.

My least favorite thing of game nine was Curtis Granderson back to his old ways with three strikeouts. That is five strikeouts in his last nine at-bats for a total of 12 in 36 at-bats for the season. He is striking out 33% of the time already this year! One of my biggest hopes coming into the 2007 season was that Granderson would significantly cut back on a disgustingly high 174 strikeouts from 2006. In the early going, it does not look like he will make any significant cutbacks on his alarmingly high totals.

I was working during the game, so I only saw bits and pieces, but Mike Maroth‘s final line looks solid. If he gets back on track to where he was headed a year ago, that will definitely ease the loss of Kenny Rogers and the necessary usage of Chad Durbin. I’m not trying to throw Durbin under the bus after one start, but I’m also going to make sure I have tempered expectations about what he can do in Rogers’ absence.

Opening Day redux tomorrow with Jeremy Bonderman facing Roy Halladay again. Gametime is 6:07 because Canadians are weird! 😀


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