Welcome Calvin Johnson

#1 pick from the Detroit Lions, Calvin Johnson, throws out the first pitch at Sunday’s game just a day after being selected by the Lions. (Courtesy of Yahoo.com)

Wide receiver Calvin Johnson, selected from Georgia Tech by the Detroit Lions with Saturday’s #2 overall pick has already been introduced to sports fans in the Motor City. Johnson threw out the first pitch before Sunday’s win against the Minnesota Twins. I absolutely loathe general manager Matt Millen and think he should have taken lineman Joe Thomas from Wisconsin, but Johnson was not a horrible alternative.

A lot of attention is paid to bounty of receivers taken by Douchebag Millen in recent history, but that doesn’t mean he couldn’t take Johnson. Charles Rogers was in fact a bust once he broke his collarbone and just seemed to fizzle and Mike Williams never should have been taken at #10 after not playing for almost 20 months while transitioning into the NFL. And of course, Roy Williams has been a stud. Offensive coordinator Mike Martz is going to have fun with Williams & Johnson if Johnson is as good as advertised. The rest of Millen’s draft was right in line with his past: complete crap.

Quarterback Drew Stanton from Michigan State was a reach and I doubt he will pan out and I think either defensive end from Georgia (Quentin Moses and Charles Johnson) would’ve been markedly better picks than the guy he took from Hawaii. As I look at this list again, my blood pressure continues to skyrocket, so I’m just going to leave it at that. If Johnson cashes in on the Hall of Fame talent he is said to have, the others will be forgotten no matter how bad, but for now we just have to wait & see.


14 Comments to “Welcome Calvin Johnson”

  1. I think that taking Clavi Johnson was a grat choice. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen him the way you talk about him! He was easily the best player in the draft and he still has not reached his full potential. By the time his careers over he will have broken many recieving records.

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  5. Looks like Calvin was the best choice so far. Great numbers in his so far short career and is looking like a future Hall o Famer. Im glad Millen made a good choice with Calvin

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