Leave it to the Worldwide Leader In Suckiness to blatantly blow something up and make it a far bigger story than it truly is. Boston Red Sox pitcher Daisuke Matsuzaka put together a stellar complete game against the Detroit Tigers last night, but rest assured that it has absolutely NOTHING to do with Jim Leyland‘s comments the day before. First off, he said within the quote that Matsuzaka is a great pitcher, secondly, there are few things more blown out of proportion than “bulletin board items.” How many times do we see some guy on Team A running his yap in a playoff series only to have Team B end up winning? Is it because Team A’s player ran his yap? No. If a team or player needs to hear someone else’s comments to drive him towards victory, he shouldn’t be in the game to begin with. But good ol’ SportsCenter had to run the life out of the quote and the subsequent complete game by Matsuzaka. Ugh.


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