Major League Baseball announced yesterday that the World Series would be pushed back to start on October 24th and end in early November if it should go seven games. While it is cool that World Series will start on my birthday, I have to question the idea of pushing it back. After the horrendous weather problems in the St. Louis-Detroit series from a season ago, why would they push it further into the Fall?

One of the reasons behind the switch was to start things on a weekday to take advantage of historically higher viewership during that time, “‘Major League Baseball is pleased to make these amendments to the postseason schedule,’ MLB president and chief operating officer Bob DuPuy said. ‘Starting the World Series in the middle of the week, when television viewership is historically higher, will provide more fans with the opportunity to watch the games.'” I don’t necessarily disagree with that, but I’m still a little worried about pushing the season deeper into Fall with the potential weather problems that could factor in.


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