Player Focus 5.27.08

Jay Bruce to Debut for the Reds on Tuesday
When perusing the top prospect rankings of many publications this off-season, you likely found Cincinnati’s Jay Bruce no lower than 3rd and oftentimes he occupied the top spot. The writing has been on the walls for a few days now with rumors of Adam Dunn and Ken Griffey Jr. being shopped and/or Corey Patterson being released. Bruce will make his debut with the Reds tonight against the Pittsburgh Pirates in what is likely to be an audition of sorts. Bruce’s success could be the impetus needed by Walt Jocketty to move one of the two stars outfielders.

From a fantasy baseball purpose, I look at it like this: Bruce could “Ryan Braun” the league this year, but chasing down that kind of lottery ticket is foolhardy. Don’t give up (or give up on) established major league ballplayers just to acquire Bruce. Keeper league situations are different, of course. If manages to stay up for the entire season, I could see Bruce putting up the following line:

.265/.338/.482 in 400 ABs with 15 HR-65 RBI-51 R-11 SB

Of course Dusty Baker is a flaming idiot, so he’ll probably mess Bruce up somehow.

More player updates tonight/tomorrow morning.


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