You’ve GOT to be Kidding Me!

I was ready to sit down type out three or four segments of a Player Focus, but after the Tigers blew YET ANOTHER GEM from their oft-struggling pitching, I’m just too damn angry to put together anything worthwhile. This team sucks. I mean it, they are absolutely awful. I thought this offense was supposed to be worthwhile? You can still make the “it’s early” claims on individuals (and that excuse is fading fast as the calendar gets ready to turn into June), but it’s not at all viable for a team.

The only thing working in this piece of crap team’s favor is the fact that no other team is interested in (i.e. none of them can hit worth a lick) taking control of the division so the Tigers are mathematically still in it. At this point, it’s a pipedream. Maybe if Dontrelle channels his 2005-06 performance, Zumaya & Rodney come back and pitch to the best of their abilities, Robertson, Rogers and Verlander all bring their ERAs below 5.00 and the overrated piece of trash offense decides to score a consistent amount of runs each game instead of spurts of double-digit run production then the Tigers can DREAM about the postseason. Until then, I’m strongly considering a 3-game boycott. I’m so pissed.


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