About 25 months ago, I posted the following:

Who’s your Tiger?
Is it the homophobic gascan that can’t close a door much less a ball game?
Is it the overpaid pile of a crap that was inexplicably signed in the off-season?
Is it the stupid jackass paying more attention to non-creative hecklers than he is getting out of an inning?
My Tiger isn’t, nor will ever be, Todd Jones.

Suffice it to say my feelings haven’t changed a bit in the interim with today bringing the strongest of those feelings back to the surface. You suck, Todd Jones. You’re a complete hack and should soon meet the fate of Joe Borowski. I appreciate how you take up for your teammates when they get called a scrub, but I hope it’s because you understand that you’re the one deserving of such a title.

Three years of rising ERA and WHIP is just what you look for in a closer, especially when that ERA rises up over 5.00. Oh and that sub-1.00 K:BB ratio is flat out dominant. You should do the honorable thing and actually step down as closer. I have to think it’d be unprecedented, but that’s your only chance to offer the team some value.

Unbelievable. A huge game against our nearest competitor that we (yeah, I do the “we” thing, especially when I’m fired up) were winning 6-4 until everyone’s least favorite yokel took to the mound. It never turns out well when you give up more hits than outs recorded. Three hits against two outs spelled the end the Tigers’ lead after nine innings. Yes, Freddy Dolsi gave up the deathblow to Justin Morneau, but it never gets there without yet another failure from Jones.

I won’t pretend to know what a good rate is and where the elite closers are in this category, but Jones has only gotten in and out the game “clean” during 34% of his appearances this season. That means 25 out of the 38 times that Jim Leyland has made that ill-fated call to the pen, someone has gotten on either via walk or hit. He has also given up a run in 13 of 38 appearances (34%). Your save-to-walk ratio shouldn’t be so close to one (16-to-13 for Jones).

Retire now.

You suck.


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