Surfing the Web…

Here are some of the things currently piquing my interest on the web:

  • SkyKing162’s blog, Baseball w/a Hint of Lime has become a regular stop on my morning read around the web. Agree or disagree, I’m always going to be drawn to baseball blogs that thoughtfully back up the assertions made by the authors. Sky does it and does it well over at Lime. This blog made the cut for the right-hand side links.
  • Mike Fast‘s Fast Balls is another well thought out bastion of baseball analysis. Fast utilizes PITCHf/x data for sharp, detailed breakdowns of the game’s pitchers. He has become a regular contributor at Hardball Times, too, which gives him all the “street cred” he needs. Fast’s blog joined Sky’s on the right side of the page as well.
  • Speaking of HBT, the site’s Sal Baxamusa posted a biting article about the fallacy of using a half-season’s worth of production to determine a player’s value. Baxamusa reaffirms why you wouldn’t overpay for Cliff Lee or dump Robinson Cano for a song.
  • I like to just aimlessly surfing around from site to site and it leads to something that is really interesting. For me, it happens all the time. I’ll be using Google Image Search and find the right picture will lead me to a blog with a great article that leads to another site that becomes a staple in my daily reading, etc… The latest case of this phenomenon came when a few hops across the baseball blogosphere led me to a Trade Value Chart by FanGraphs’ Dave Cameron. I haven’t finished entire piece so I can’t speak to the overall quality just yet, but I’m recommending based on the first two entries I’ve read and the simple fact that I love the concept.
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