A Big Year Upcoming…

I rolled out the infield Top 15s (10 + Honorable Mentions) quickly after the season ended and then had a hiatus. I was chosen for a business trip that took me to Salt Lake City for six weeks covering all of November on into the early part of December. Since returning, I’ve been working on plenty of baseball related stuff in preparation for 2009. I’m now ready to begin unveiling some of the fruits of that labor including a breakdown of what you can expect in the coming months.

As for the podcasts, they are FAR from done. My computer needs some repairs to be fit for podcasting again, but those should be completed and good to go by the end of next week which will mark the restart of the podcast. I still have to cover the outfielders, starting pitchers and relief pitchers rankings for 2009. First on the docket of newly published materials here is part one of the Top 100 outfielders covering 100-51.

In addition to that, I expect to deliver the following:

  • Part 2 of the OF: 50-1
  • The Echelons of Starting Pitching
  • Updates on the Infielder Rankings
  • Middle-Reliever Methodology: A Primer
  • Auto-Updating Depth Charts
  • Head-to-Head Consistency Analysis
  • Using Catcher SB Rate Effectively
  • Drafting/Paying for Starting Pitchers Analysis
  • The Echelons by Position
  • Top Prospects: Who Can Contribute in 2009?
  • Paying for Closers
  • That should be enough material to keep the blog full up until Draft/Auction day. As always, I’m very interested in feedback on the work and if there is anything you’d like to see that doesn’t seem to be covered above, use the comments section to make it known and I’ll definitely entertain getting it on the docket.

    A few words about the outfielder and starting pitcher pieces… neither will focus on hard projections for the 2009 season. There will be plenty of references to numbers I could foresee, but I don’t like getting caught up in just the numbers. Instead, I’ll use the write ups to help explain why I placed a guy where I did and focus on what I liked or didn’t like in his base skills that will hopefully help you in your own projections for 2009. If I say a guy who has done mostly 10 to 13 HR and 70 to 75 RBI seasons can put up a 20 HR-90 RBI season because he’s learned to hit lefties, raised his walk & flyball rates and then he goes 17-88, I’m OK with that.

    My point in that write up would be that he has the skills for a jump in production. I’m not as worried about nailing the exact figures for that jump. You’ll see what I mean when I post the first portion of outfielders. Last year’s Starting Pitchers piece was very well received and I took a similar approach there, so I’m confident that the lack of a projected line for each outfielder and pitcher won’t be a problem.

    Without further ado, let’s get the 2009 Fantasy Guide underway… Happy New Year and thank you for reading.


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