More Outfielder Comparisons Coming…

For those emailing and asking about the Top 100 Starting Pitchers, I appreciate your continued patience as I am diligently working on that piece. In the meantime, I’m putting together another comparison of outfielder lists. Today I picked up the magazine due in large part to the fact that it prominently features a very good friend of mine, Jason Collette. The presentation of the magazine is absolutely wonderful, second to none. I’ve only just begun to read the magazine so I don’t have any specific thoughts on the feature articles or rankings just yet. I’ll post the comparison on Tuesday and should be able to include a triple comparison of my list and the two magazine plus how outfielders are being taken in mock drafts being held at All the thoughts and theories of the lists are nice enough, but how is it all playing out when teams are being assembled?

I hope to finish a couple of other things for the fantasy guide this week, so please stay tuned for those updates as well.


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