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Tuesday: 08.4.2009


I’ve often said that there aren’t enough hours in the day and I’m sure I’d still say it even there were more hours in the day! But one of things that often gets cut out of my day is time for blogging. The 10-hour workdays are the main culprit. Since I usually DVR the Tigers game (I work until 9pm Central), I watch it and eat dinner first. Then I spend around an hour of time with my puppy and another hour-hour & a half reading and who knows how much time on Twitter.

Depending on the day, another hour or two is spent with miscellaneous things (softball, Xbox w/friends) so I often don’t have the energy to punch out 1,000 words of baseball thoughts. That is especially so on nights where I have an article due for Owner’s Edge. At any rate, this isn’t an “I’m closing up shop” post, just more of a lamentation at my lack of material posted. I usually dispense my baseball musings in 140-character doses on Twitter and I plan to once again fill the offseason with plenty of content.

To those that still come around to see the tumbleweeds from 2 months of no posts, I’ll make a commitment to you three or four that I will start posting again 2-3 times a week minimum. Ideally, it’d be a 7-day a week thing, but my life just doesn’t allow it. But one good thing is that I am already working on the 2010 Starting Pitcher Primer. It should be bigger and better as well available even sooner in the offseason with updates as we get closer to the 2010 draft season.