The Offseason

Now that the regular season has wrapped and the offseason is upon us, it’s time for another season to start for me: Blog Season. I do the bulk of my writing here during the offseason dispensing the bulk of my fantasy information over the winter and early spring in preparation for upcoming season. I was fortunate enough to work with Fanball at this year which made it virtually impossible to write here regularly since I was committed to 2 columns a week, 2 live advice sessions, watching the Detroit Tigers every night, working my 40+ hour/week job and still finding enough time to spend with puppy!! Fanball didn’t restrain my topic choices at all, so it was essentially like I was blogging in long-form two times a week, it was just in a different location. And if you came here during the season at all, you saw that I shared a few of the articles in this space.

I’ve already begun looking closely at 2010 and you can expect a lot of content in the coming months, including something brand new. Despite the name of this site being “Baseball by Paul”, there will be a football piece every Sunday night/Monday morning reviewing the week’s action. I started this last week in a different space and it was received pretty well. I didn’t do one this past Sunday because I was in Las Vegas and I didn’t take my computer with me. Even though it’s a little dated on Wednesday, I’m still going to post one today. In addition to that, I’ll be posting –

– Report from First Pitch Forums: Arizona (including reviews, pictures and analysis from AFL games)
– Top 12s for the infield and at closer
– Top 100 outfielders
– Top 200 starting pitchers
– Sleepers
– Various strategy pieces
– A breathing top 24 (updated weekly starting in February)
– Podcasting (which should include interviews with some awesome guests)
– Book reviews (not limited to baseball, but there will be plenty on the great game)

As well as plenty of other stuff, too! Anyway, it should be similar to last year, but hopefully even more content. I’m starting earlier this year (in fact, I started in August for cryin’ out loud!) which only means more, better content.


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