NFL: Mock Draft v1.0

As I mentioned a little while back, this is going to be a bit of a hybrid blog during the football season despite the title being Baseball by Paul. Honestly, if I didn’t have a day job I think I could successfully pull off a 4-5 sport blog, but that’s not happening any time soon. What is happening or rather has happened and is about to be posted is my first ever NFL mock draft. I realize it’s absurdly early for something like this, but I’m sure there are draft-focused sites that are on their ninth iteration of next April’s first round. I’m going to start off small. Since we’re so far away from the draft order being anywhere close to set and we have no idea exactly who will declare for the draft, I haven’t put extensive commentary behind these picks. That will come once the season ends and we head into February and March. For those same reasons, I will probably post an updated version every few weeks.

So why did I start so early then? Mainly because I wanted some practice. Plus I got an early jump on analyzing each team’s needs. And who doesn’t like a mock draft? Seriously. You find someone that doesn’t like an NFL mock draft and I say you’ve found yourself a big ol’ dummy! To get my draft order, I merely looked at the ESPN league standings bottom to top and assumed they had sorted out all the tiebreakers, etc… Regardless of how the season plays out, I think there is a definitive group that will be picking in the top 7-10 range and while they may be out of order now, they shouldn’t be too far off so even version 1.0 could nail some picks. I’d love to see some comments on what you think teams will do, prospects you like/don’t like and any other NFL draft-related thoughts you might have in early November.



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