MLB: Top 60 Fantasy Starting Pitchers for 2010

With the World Series concluding with the New York Yankees defeating the Philadelphia Phillies for their 27th championship, it’s time for the third season (if the regular season and postseason are #1 and #2): the Hot Stove season. This includes not only the offseason movement for all of the teams, but also the in-depth analysis for the upcoming fantasy baseball season. So as I sit in the internet cafe at the Doubletree Suites in Phoenix, AZ, getting ready for the opening reception of the First Pitch Forums, I’m going to kickoff my Hot Stove season here at Baseball by Paul with my top two tiers of starting pitchers. (Yes, I unofficially kicked off with a few player previews and my top 12s from late in the 2009 season, but this is the OFFICIAL kickoff)…

Since there is still so much to be sorted out, this will just be a 1-60 list with the profile capsules coming later in the winter along with the third through fifth tiers. I’ll have a few comments on why some guys landed where they did later, but for now it will just be the list. Without further ado:

1. Tim Lincecum, SF Giants
2. Johan Santana, NY Mets
3. Felix Hernandez, SEA Mariners
4. Roy Halladay, TOR Blue Jays
5. Dan Haren, ARI Diamondbacks
6. CC Sabathia, NY Yankees
7. Zack Greinke, KC Royals
8. Josh Beckett, BOS Red Sox
9. Javier Vazquez, ATL Braves
10. Jake Peavy, CHI White Sox
11. Justin Verlander, DET Tigers
12. Cliff Lee, PHI Phillies
13. Adam Wainwright, STL Cardinals
14. Brandon Webb, ARI Diamondbacks
15. Josh Johnson, FLO Marlins

16. Chris Carpenter, STL Cardinals
17. John Lackey, LA Angels
18. Jon Lester, BOS Red Sox
19. Yovani Gallardo, MIL Brewers
20. Clayton Kershaw, LA Dodgers
21. Matt Cain, SF Giants
22. Wandy Rodriguez, HOU Astros
23. Matt Garza, TB Rays
24. Jered Weaver, LA Angels
25. James Shields, TB Rays
26. Ubaldo Jimenez, COL Rockies
27. AJ Burnett, NY Yankees
28. Chad Billingsley, LA Dodgers
29. Cole Hamels, PHI Phillies
30. Tommy Hanson, ATL Braves
31. David Price, TB Rays
32. Rick Porcello, DET Tigers
33. Max Scherzer, ARI Diamondbacks
34. Jair Jurrjens, ATL Braves
35. Edwin Jackson, DET Tigers
36. Ted Lilly, CHI Cubs
37. Gavin Floyd, CHI White Sox
38. Randy Wolf, LA Dodgers
39. John Danks, CHI White Sox
40. Ricky Nolasco, FLO Marlins
41. Scott Baker, MIN Twins
42. Kevin Slowey, MIN Twins
43. Rich Harden, CHI Cubs
44. Jorge de la Rosa, COL Rockies
45. Stephen Strasburg, WAS Nationals
46. Roy Oswalt, HOU Astros
47. Erik Bedard, SEA Mariners
48. Carlos Zambrano, CHI Cubs
49. Ryan Dempster, CHI Cubs
50. Brett Anderson, OAK A’s
51. Johnny Cueto, CIN Reds
52. Clay Buchholz, BOS Red Sox
53. Jeff Niemann, TB Rays
54. Jordan Zimmerman, WAS Nationals
55. Derek Lowe, ATL Braves
56. Daisuke Matsuzaka, BOS Red Sox
57. Gil Meche, KC Royals
58. Neftali Feliz, TEX Rangers
59. Joba Chamberlain, NY Yankees
60. Aaron Harang, CIN Reds


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