NFL: Week 10 – Shoot Me in the Face Edition

Part 2 was eaten alive and I’ve yet to re-create the entire thing. I hope to have it up tomorrow morning as I’m a bit too tired to stay up and re-finish it tonight.

For next week, it will again have some tweaks. Since my favorite part is coming up with the statistical tidbits, that will be the meat of the piece. There is no real need for me to generally recount each game. I didn’t see every one of them anyway, so instead I’ll focus on what I think I do best: stats. I will still include some comments here and there, but I don’t want to force commentary on a KC-Oakland game any more than you don’t want to read it. This trimming of the fat will also help with the turn around time. If it’s not 8,000 words, it’ll be easier to put into one part. Or at least if it’s two parts, it won’t be two MASSIVE parts.

Look for part 2 tomorrow as well as a top 24 catchers for 2010 list.


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