NFL: Week 10 – Dallas vs. Green Bay

I know I scrapped part 2 of the Week 10 Review, but I couldn’t let my thoughts on the Cowboys go by the wayside…

Dallas 7 at Green Bay 17
And this is why I hate Dallas. You just can’t trust these clowns. As soon as you start to believe in them, they lay an egg in a game they absolutely should win. Now Green Bay isn’t a tomato can, but they aren’t that great either. They had just lost to Tampa Bay for crying out loud. Speaking of idiotic gameplans regarding running backs, what exactly is Dallas doing? I know I sound like a broken record each week, but how do Marion Barber, Felix Jones and Tashard Choice combine for 11 carries??? It was 3-0 through three quarters so you can’t say that Green Bay put the game out of hand. Tony Romo had a paltry 6.4 yards per attempt through the air so you can’t say the passing game was to effective to go away from. So how on earth does a trio of dominant backs come away from a game with 11 combined carries? Oh and I don’t want to hear that it is because they were facing a tough run defense. They were, but the 11 carries went for four a pop. You can’t just not (sorry for the double negative) try because you’re worried they will stop it. This is why Dallas can’t be taken seriously as a contender.

Hats off to Green Bay for manning up and saving their season. Charles Woodson was a man possessed as he went for nine tackles (two for loss), two forced fumbles, a sack and a pass deflection. He was all over the place and deserves the game ball for the Packers. Aaron Rodgers was sacked four times, which he’s used to by now, but Dallas relegated to his worst game of year judging by YPA as he went for just 5.3 and the 189 yards his second-lowest total behind the opening week 184 vs. Chicago. Now at 5-4, they are right in the thick of the wildcard race as they sit tied with Atlanta, Philadelphia and New York.

Statistically Speaking
Despite that awful offensive line, Ryan Grant is 9th in the league in yards with 700. His four touchdowns are fewest amongst those in the top 10 aside from Steven Jackson’s two, but his yardage total is a real feat behind that porous line.

Tony Romo has been sacked nine times in the past two games giving him 22 on the season. It pales in comparison to the 41 Rodgers has sustained, but it is the 6th-highest total in the league. Also from Dallas, all seven of DeMarcus Ware’s sacks have come in four of past five weeks. He was shutout through four and now he is tied for 8th in the league and on pace for 12.

Green Bay – 3rd downs: 7-15 (47%), TOP: 35:58, Sacks: 5
Dallas – 3rd downs: 3-12 (25%), TOP: 24:02, Sacks: 4

Up Next
Washington at Dallas, San Francisco at Green Bay


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