They Called in the Bullpen

My editor from emailed me asking if I could help out with the Detroit Tigers blog in the Fanball Sports Network, so obviously I jumped at the opportunity to help out. The original writer over there was apparently in an accident and is out of commission so I’ll be in for a little while. Check out my first post here.

Now, that won’t curtail production here. I have tomorrow off and should be able to finish the third basemen and hopefully get started on the shortstops before the holidays. You may notice there was no NFL whatsoever yesterday. This wasn’t entirely accidental. It’s really going to be more of a “when I have time” then a bankable feature. I put baseball material first so now with helping out at the Tigers site and my rankings here, football heads to the backburner. I apologize to those who enjoy that piece, but it isn’t my main passion–baseball will always be #1.


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