Mock Draft Season

If you’re like me, you’re insane. OK, maybe not insane, but a you’re definitely a rabid fantasy baseball fan. The day the season ended, I was scouting for members for a mock draft. It took a little while to materialize, but we got one going throughout October over at the forums. I’ve posted a few of the rounds with commentary here. The Mock Draft Season really gets going during November and throughout the winter. Prior to last year, or I guess two years ago since I’m referring to 2008 (dang new year tripping me up), there was really only one reliable, worthwhile spot to hold your drafts. That was They have a pretty solid set up and plenty of drafts.

During the 2008 Mock Draft Season I was invited to a draft at for the first time. The first thing I liked was the fact that it got through my work’s filter without issue. That allowed me to sign up for slow mocks that would take place primarily during normal business hours when your pick could come up at any time. Since that first draft I’ve become a big time advocate of the site. It’s the absolute best for running slow mocks that don’t need to be completed in a 2-hour space. I’m sure their fast ones that are all at once are great too, I just haven’t participated in any of that type.

The absolute best thing about CouchManagers that I’ve noticed is their responsiveness to any issue. If there’s a mispick, problem with the player pool, status issue with someone on auto-pick or whatever, you send out an email to them and the response time is very sharp. I’ve heard they are great at accommodating league drafts, too. So if you want your actual draft held their instead of just a mock, then CouchManagers is the place.

So head over to their front page and check out their list of available Auctions, Slow Mocks, Fast Mocks and Custom Mocks. Enjoy!


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