Baseball by Paul for Thursday Cancelled; Truncated Show Notes

So, as I mentioned last night, I merely planned on the show being delayed until this afternoon while I went and picked up my iPhone 4. I knew there would be a crazy long line and it would be an investment of hours, but I didn’t know it would be a full workday worth of hours. Yes, I stood in line for eight hours for a new toy. It was an experience. I met some cool people, sweated off about 12 pounds and did in fact get the product without incident.

However, given that the time it took was quite a bit longer than I anticipated, I’m cancelling today’s show. It’s almost time for the night games and there is no real point especially since I’m about to start on Friday’s show already. That said, I will still post a some articles and a Friday spot starter for your viewing pleasure.

Articles of the Day

Billy Beane Has Bob Geren’s Back
Best Decisions of the Last Year
Would You Rather Have Jason Heyward or Andrew McCutchen?
Strikeout Efficiency
Another Brian Bannister Article… He Likes Stats!
Latos’ Maturity Shows Great Benefits on the Mound

Spot Starters

Gah, another shellacking. Thanks for nothing, Brian Matusz. That’s what I get for banking on young, erratic pitching. Let’s hope the Rangers can stay hot for me today. For Friday, I’m going to take a shot on Aaron Harang. He’s got a 3.1 K/BB and he is facing the lowly Cleveland Indians. He’s toting a 5.17 ERA, but his FIP is 4.26 and xFIP is 4.08 so he has been very unlucky thus far. With the skills he has displayed, his ERA should be much better than 5.00+. Perhaps he can start the turnaround against the Indians.

Today’s pick: Scott Feldman v. Pittsburgh Pirates (Jeff Karstens)
Friday’s pick: Aaron Harang v. Cleveland Indians (Aaron Laffey)


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