Announcing the 2011 Startng Pitcher Guide

If you have been coming to this site during the baseball off-seasons for any of the last three years, you are probably familiar with my starting pitcher lists.  It started back in 2008 with a top 100 list that was pretty well-received so I brought it back in 2009 expanding it to a top 154.  Again it went pretty well and so I dedicated more time and more space to the 2010 offering that ended up as an 11 part epic covering 264 pitchers when it was all said & done  (BTW, you can check out any of the previous versions in the sidebar to the right).

The 2011 Guide is already well underway and I think it is the best offering yet.  Put together more thoroughly than ever before, this year’s offering goes beyond the individual player capsules to include so much more.  With the 2011 Starting Pitcher Guide in tow, you will be prepared to tackle the hardest part of fantasy baseball regardless of the strategy you want to employ and the league format used in your league.

Introducing the 2011 Starting Pitcher Guide:

  • Over 500 pitchers included
  • Deep Minor League coverage for dynasty/ultra league players
  • Team-by-team breakdown
  • Tiered rankings for mixed and single leagues
  • Essays on Starting Pitcher Strategy
  • Contributions by respected industry members of the fantasy baseball community
  • Categorized Sleepers (Not all surprises are created equally)
  • PDF form for easy reading & printing
  • Detailed Charts & Graphs
  • Free!!!
  • Chance to win a Tim Lincecum or Justin Verlander jersey

As mentioned above, the guide will remain FREE as it has in past years, but this year I will have a PayPal donation button in the sidebar for anyone interested.  The guide is my favorite project every year.  I happily do the work gratis, but a handful of last year’s readers expressed interest in monetarily showing their appreciation for the work and I didn’t have anything set up to accept such a sentiment.

I decided that if I was going to put up anything that would allow even a nickel to come my way for the work then I was going to make the guide even better and much more comprehensive than the previous years.  And for those who do decide to go that route, you will be entered in a drawing for an MLB jersey.  On the line is a gray Tim Lincecum jersey and a white Justin Verlander one.  I will put the email address of anyone donating into the drawing and the first two out will win.

To give you an idea of how the team pages will look, below you can download the Arizona Diamondbacks PDF.  The team page layout is where you will find the analysis of each pitcher as the tiered breakdowns will have just the names & rankings.  Just click the PDF logo to download your free sample.

Stay tuned for more details including release date information.


5 Responses to “Announcing the 2011 Startng Pitcher Guide”

  1. Awesome Paul!

  2. Paul,

    I look forward to your guide as always.
    I will donate to paypal.
    Thanks for making your work available to
    everyone. I’m sure people will appreciate it.



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