2011 SP Guide Release Date Pushed

Today was supposed to be the release date for the 2011 Starting Pitcher Guide, but alas it’s not yet completed.  I had all of last week off to work on the guide and while I got a ton of it done, there was just too much to push through in a week.  I didn’t want to take any shortcuts on the over 500 pitcher profiles or the nine articles I had to write or edit or the handful of useful (hopefully) charts and graphs for your viewing pleasure.

That said, I’m almost done.  There is only one more team to write up and then editing.  I’ve only got two more articles of my own to write and then editing the guest articles.  I am aiming for a Wednesday release.  I am still planning on having a chat a day or two after release where I will answer any and all pitcher-related questions (well, I’ll answer anything fantasy baseball-related to be honest).

I appreciate the patience.  Even with the pushed back release, there should still be more than ample time to utilize the guide for your draft or auction prep as most leagues don’t even turn in keepers until the calendar flips over to March.  I’m very excited about the final product and I think it will be worth the extra wait.  Also, with the time being invested into the guide, the Daily Dose won’t be back up & running until later this week.  Stay tuned for more.


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