Paul Off the Radio

Bumped to next Tuesday… I hope it’s for an interview with Mila Kunis or Barack Obama.  Otherwise, it’s totally unacceptable.

4 Comments to “Paul Off the Radio”

  1. You should post something every day, Paul. I say this not out of criticism, but out of appreciation for your insight; basically, I’m hungry for more. Someone at ESPN linked to your site, otherwise I wouldn’t have found it. I’m betting that others have found there way here, too, because of that. Now if you post something every day, you’re in a prime position to build a following. Just saying.

    • Sam, thank you for the message. That is *absolutely* the goal this season and the only thing that derailed was having no internet when I moved this past weekend. I got back up and running yesterday and so I fully intend to meet that goal this season. Thank you for the comment and I take no criticism of it, I genuinely appreciate it.

  2. Cool, I really look forward to it! By the way, how do you think this White Sox bullpen is going to shake out? (I’m in a deep AL league and stashed Santos about a week ago.)

  3. Paul – You know I’m a big fan of yours. You need to post something here everyday, even if it’s just your take on even a few of the previous day’s games. love ya, man.

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