Posting Delayed

I’ll be busy this evening and may not get to post until way later tonight (bleeding past midnight perhaps) and maybe even early tomorrow morning.  Just FYI for those who look for the post around 9-11pm Central, which is often when I post.

Congrats to all those lucky Gio Gonzalez owners who did a rain dance to escape his seven earned run butt kicking that got washed out in Arlington this afternoon.


6 Comments to “Posting Delayed”

  1. Paul – important, time sensitive question for you (need to make a decision before the end of tonight). If you can answer in time, great. If not, no worries. Someone just dropped John Danks, and this is in a very deep AL only league. I plan to bid on him (thinking $21), but I’d need to drop 2 players. My pitching staff is as follows: SP – King Felix, Haren, Shields, Edwin Jackson, Matusz, Carrasco, Slowey (I know he’s a reliever right now but I’m betting that changes). RP – Feliz, Santos, Tim Collins, Louis Coleman, Rich Thompson, Al Albequerque, Chris Sale. The one bench position player that I have is Travis Snider. Because Carrasco just came off the DL, I have to drop 2 players if I’m going to make a waiver move. Who would you drop? I’m thinking Snider and Carrasco or Slowey. Would love to hear your thoughts, considering I’ve leaned heavily on your advice to build this staff. We start 9 pitchers (2 SP, 2 RP, and 5 of whatever we want). Standard pitching categories, but our hitting cats are a little different – OBP, SLUG, Steals, Runs, RBIs. Thanks in advance.

    • I would definitely bid a lot of it’s a deep AL-Only. If you think 21 is enough, go there, but if not, don’t be afraid to do more. He’s worth it. I’m with you on the two to drop. I like Carrasco, but I like Slowey more and I think he will have a rotation spot soon. Snider/Carrasco it is.

  2. Awesome, thanks so much for getting back to me. Yeah, maybe I need to up the ante. We’re only given $100 for the year and I’m down to $91, but he could be worth going $30 or more. There are three teams that still haven’t bid a dollar (as they’re waiting for whatever studs come over from the NL), and a few more that seem asleep at the wheel. I don’t know, feels like teams are snoozing on Danks because of his won/loss record but there could be a team out there willing to bid a lot. There are only 9 teams in the league, but the rosters are very deep (2 catchers, 5 OF, MI, CI in addition to the usual spots).

    • I’d probably go at least $26 or $31 to snuff out $25 or $30 bids. I wouldn’t be against going $36 to be really sure, but you know your league better than I do. I get saving to a degree, but if no one comes over then it was saved for nothing. Danks is as good as any pitcher that would come over from the NL, anyway so I would really go hard on him because you get him for A LOT of the season. A lot more than you’d get an NL transfer for. One question: do you pay what you bid or $1 over the winner?

    • Er… $1 over the 2nd-place I mean.

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