Update #2: 2012 SP Guide

Last week I announced that I would be releasing the 2012 Starting Pitcher Guide today, but that isn’t going to happen just yet.  It was an aggressive date that I thought I could hit, but I didn’t get everything done in time.  I’m working extremely hard and even around the clock on some days to get everything done as I know draft season is ready to fire up in earnest pretty quickly.  At the same time, I pride myself on putting together a quality product and I don’t want to rush a lesser product out just to have it done in time for the early March drafts and auctions.

I hope everyone can understand my desire to put out the best product possible as a one man crew and I apologize for those who were looking forward to today’s proposed release date.  In light of a second push-back (originally I wanted to hit March 1st), I’m not going to pressure myself into a specific date, rather I will continue working day and night to get the product ready for consumption in a timely manner that should still have plenty of utility for the overwhelming majority of drafts and auctions.  I’m confident that the product will be worth the wait.  Thanks in advance for your patience.


4 Comments to “Update #2: 2012 SP Guide”

  1. It’s weird relying upon something you put out while competing against you. But one finds insightful material where they must…

  2. Take your time. It was a great product last year, I’m sure it will be great this year. Looking forward to it…

  3. Are we there yet are we there yet are we there yet?

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