BS Report and Betting Dork!

My primary goal for the 2012 Starting Pitcher Guide was to make it better than last year’s offering which I considered a resounding success.  I am feeling confident that the goal will be met as the 2012 version has already had more downloads than last year’s and that number is likely to go up after today.  Today’s BS Report during which Bill Simmons discussed baseball with his buddy Jack-O and Grantland head baseball writer Jonah Keri included a plug of the SP guide.   You can and should listen to the entire podcast at the BS Report link in the previous sentence, but I’ve also included my name check here because why not?!

Simmons Plug

Additionally, I recorded my second stint on the Betting Dork podcast with Gill Alexander from  Last week we covered pitchers (naturally) and this week we dove into position players discussing a handful of over and under valued guys.  Gill is an excellent baseball handicapper and while we’d both love to add the other’s primary hobby (mine being fantasy baseball, of course), the time needed to succeed at both is just too much.  At least too much to enjoy it and maintain any semblance of a life during the summer.

Part 1 talking pitchers (I come in at the 30-minute mark, but listen to it all if you love baseball)

Part 2 talking hitters (I come in at the 43:30 mark, but again I recommend the entire show)


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