How’d You Do That?

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I love this kind of stuff.  Probably because I’m a nerd.  This is Felix Doubront and Daniel Bard discussing pitching in the Red Sox dugout during Wednesday afternoon’s game in Toronto.  I know this probably happens in every dugout from the Majors to Single-A ball so I’m not pretending it’s rare, I just like when they show us on camera.  I’m already a huge Doubront fan and while I was down on Bard coming into the season, his debut against the Jays was impressive as it included 17 swing-and-misses.  One start isn’t enough to completely change my opinion, but I’m at least slightly more intrigued than I was during Spring Training.


One Comment to “How’d You Do That?”

  1. Awesome observation. Honestly, Doubront had a good start. Bard’s wasn’t so bad. I second the intrigue.

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