The Road Soon Travelled?


The Diamondbacks will take this road soon and I think there is a pot of gold at the end of it.


5 Comments to “The Road Soon Travelled?”

  1. C’mon Paul…is that all you’re going to give us!

  2. You’re assuming, of course, Josh blows up again this weekend in Colorado thus opening the door sooner rather than later for Trev…How long is he going to need in Reno? Three weeks?

  3. What happened to this site? Never any new content. Love the pitching bible but what happened to the middle reliever methodology article? This site could be great. There are just WAY too few posts.

    • Duly noted, Sam. I’m working on a handful of things right now. I generally let the season get going before going too crazy with content, but I promise you will see a major uptick starting this week.

  4. Bauer before Skaggs?

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