BP Work This Week

I made my debut at Baseball Prospectus this week.

  • First up was the Starting Pitcher Value Picks piece in which I analyzed some under-utilized arms capable of delivering some fantasy value.  One of my picks, Washington’s Ross Detwiler goes tonight in Los Angeles squaring off against that Clayton Kershaw kid.


  • Next up, going live this morning, was the Weekly Planner piece which takes a look at the all the two-start pitchers for next week and decides who you should go with and who you should probably avoid.  A pair of arms, Ricky Nolasco and Randy Wolf, each get to face San Francisco and San Diego in their favorable home parks making them strong options to spot start in mixed leagues where they are still available.


  • And finally, long-time friend and BP colleague Jason Collette and I restarted a BP Fantasy Podcast which debuted last night.  We are working to get it into iTunes and Jason said it should be ready by Monday.  Thursdays will usually be the record night as long as schedules fit for it, but you should expect a weekly iteration.  This week we discussed the slow start of Matt Moore, the hot start Jake Peavy and so much more.

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