Best Pitches Feature On Hold

Quick note about the Best Pitches of the Month feature.  I really enjoyed doing it for April, but it is a big undertaking for a crappy computer which mine has unfortunately become in its seventh year of existence.  It is a labor intensive project that wouldn’t be so problematic on a better unit, so I’m going to suspend the feature until I can afford a new laptop.  Between having and the GIF-making program up (as well as any others not related to the project), the computer would freeze and skip and I often had to remake GIFs that were jumpy or skippy during recording.  I’ll still make GIFs in one-off situations where I think they are really necessary, but since the Best Pitches project was more of a luxury, I’m just going to hold off for now.  Once I get a job, I’ll get a new computer and it will return (and I’m sure I’ll do a ton of random GIF’ing… watch out for beagle GIFs!).


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