Starting Pitching Rankings for Remainder of ’12

I apologize for the tumbleweeds blowing around here the last week-plus.  I’ve been adjusting to my new sleep schedule as a gainfully employed citizen and it has limited my time to post.  That said, I have definitely been working on baseball projects in the limited spare time I’ve had and the primary project has been my rest of season SP rankings.  I did a top 80 for each league as well as an overall top 100 which includes commentary.  I did it in Excel and you can find the file below for the latest version of Excel as well as a 1997-2003 compatible version.  To whet your appetite a bit, here are the top 24 sans commentary:

And here are the files for your perusal.  I encourage comments if you have questions about guys or anything of that nature.

Top 100 from Aug to EOS

Top 100 from Aug to EOS-Old Excel

The commentary is listed on the first sheet and then you have the league-by-league ranks on the second sheet.


3 Comments to “Starting Pitching Rankings for Remainder of ’12”

  1. nice list. interesting in that it seems like you rate recent performance more highly than track record/pedigree, etc. i was shocked to see fiers ahead of miley, matty moore and cj wilson… and iwakuma ahead of mcallister – which seems largely based on his 13 k outing. but then others who have torn it up recently like matt harvey and maholm you have right there with lucas f-ing harrell and behind the likes of worley and mike minor? very interesting…
    so, mcallister v. harrell – who do you like better and why? there recent #’s seem very very similar, and while harrell’s
    slightly better of late, mcallister’s been performing pretty much all year, sans one strange start ( 1.2 inn, 9R, 2ER, 3K!?!?)
    harrel’s given up 5 runs or more SIX times (mcallister zero times) this year and 9 once! is there something you notice that he’s doing differently or some indicator that his post 7/4 numbers are real?

    thanks and enjoy the podcast,

    • Keep in mind that it’s a 2-month ranking, so recent performance is very important. Track record and pedigree simply might not matter for the rest of 2012 as for some it appears to be a lost season (Romero for sure and Lester/Beckett to a degree).

      All of those guys you mentioned are in the same tier. Their ranking with in that tier isn’t as telling. You prefer Miley to Fiers? That’s fine, they’re exactly a spot apart. Fiers & Wilson are a bit further apart, but still in the same tier so I really wouldn’t question anyone too hard for going with Wilson. I like Fiers. I don’t think he’s a star and he probably won’t rate above *any* of those guys in 2013’s guide, but for 2 more months I really like what he’s doing even after the Coors start.

      Remember (if you read the 2012 Guide) that I really liked Iwakuma. i think he should’ve been starting all year. I like McAllister and he’d have made the 100 if I hadn’t included that little injury tier, but he’s been very fortunate this year, too. I’m more leery of him that say someone like Fiers. League situation plays a role there for sure.

      McAllister has actually allowed 5 runs three times, but unearned has protected him. He seems to melt down after errors with 18 unearned runs. I have these two as near-equals, but would lean Harrell with the NL in his favor (even though he doesn’t get to face the Astros, lol). The one thing that has stuck out to me with Harrell is that he has sacrificed some velo (1-1.5 MPH) in favor of more command and control and it has paid dividends. He has still had a few high-walk outings, but they were less because he had no idea where it was going and more because he missed a few pitches and got backed into hitters counts where he refused to give in.

      Hope this helps. Feel free to ask any other questions here, via email or twitter. I assume you’re DeathSpeculum via Twitter with the same Q. I didn’t get to answer today at work hence the delay.

  2. Verlander gon’ Verland.

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