2013 Starting Pitcher Guide Sample

As we turn the calendar over to February, baseball season is right around the corner. Many football fans close the book on that sport with the end of the Super Bowl and turn their attention back to baseball. Two weeks ago, I began taking pre-orders on the 2013 Starting Pitcher Guide and that will continue for another 10 days through Valentine’s Day. Perhaps you’re on the fence about the purchase and a trip down memory lane through the previous guides isn’t what you looking for to get you over the proverbial hump. Well how about a sample of what you will be getting in this year’s guide? Yeah, that does sound nice, doesn’t it?

I had Doug send over his report card on Oakland youngster Jarrod Parker and paired it with my profile on him to give you a taste of the 2013 guide in the PDF found below.


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Notice how robust the coverage is for the 24-year old Parker. Nearly 500 words went into it. I mentioned this in the SP Guide Announcement, but I’ll reiterate here that the effort expended in the guide will be spent on those who can move the needle forward on your 2013 season. There will still be prospect coverage without question, but there were instances in last year’s guide of a Low-A prospect with no shot of contributing in 2012 getting a 200-plus word write up when 75-100 would’ve been sufficient and that surplus could’ve been better spent elsewhere.

This is especially important because not the majority of folks do no play in dynasty leagues or leagues with a minor league taxi roster of three to five guys. Don’t worry, dynasty leaguers, I’m not leaving you out in the cold. The top prospects and those are on the rise will still get their due, but I can tell who to chase down in a more efficient way than I did last year.

Finally, for those unfamiliar with 20-80 scale used in Doug’s Mechanics Report Card, don’t fret as it will be explained in an essay from him in the guide. In the meantime, understand that a 50 grade is average and not at all an indictment of talent.

Questions & comments can be directed to thespguide@gmail.com

Order now to save 25%!!!



5 Comments to “2013 Starting Pitcher Guide Sample”

  1. I know this is nitty, but it keeps irritating me for some reason (probably because I know a lot of your work is in numbers). But if the actual price of the Guide is $12, and the “special” price for pre-ordering is $9, then that is a 25% discount, and not a “savings of 33%”.

    As a less nitty aside. I’m on the fence about ordering this year, but I’ve ordered in the past, and I can tell anyone who is curious, the Guide is very much worth the money (regardless of which price you pay); you won’t be disappointed.

  2. Ha, yes I’m only on the fence this year because I’m broke. But I’ll stress again, this is a very well-done guide, and, more importantly, there is nothing else really like it.

    Hmm, I’m talking myself into it…

  3. Enjoyed your chat today and thought your answers were insightful so I just ordered your 2013 SP Guide…Just a couple of questions 1/when does it release? 2/will I get as a PDF in email or download or what? Thanks! Chris

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