The 2013 Pitching Guide: Coming Out Today!

Ladies and gentlemen,

You’ve been waiting all winter for this moment and the day is finally here. The finishing touches are being put on the 2013 Guide and it will be released this afternoon. Those of you who have ordered will find it in your inboxes this afternoon. The army of 1 is working at a Paul Walkeresque and Vin Dieselian rate to get everything in order with final edits, clean ups, charts, graphs, and even the final handful of profiles.



5 Comments to “The 2013 Pitching Guide: Coming Out Today!”

  1. I’ve already cleared my schedule for this evening so I can read as much as I can….
    Thanks for the hard work so far…

  2. Hi Paul,
    Just ordered mine. I would buy it anyway, just because you are such a great guy, but the bonus is getting some of the best analysis and commentary available anywhere. Thanks for your hard work once again.

  3. Thanks Paul, big fan of your work.

  4. Thanks Paul. Now I’ve got to work out how I’m going to fit in reading Baseball Prospectus each day, plus the BP annual AND your SP guide!

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