A New Pitching Podcast – Pilot Episode

From the gentlemen who brought you the 2013 Starting Pitching Guide comes a brand new podcast dedicated to… wait for it … pitching!!! We started discussing the notion of this podcast all the way back in the winter when we first linked up to discuss the guide. Then after the success of the SP Guide and just how well we got along, it was a no-brainer to follow through with that original idea and thus a pilot episode is born. For those of you who like long-form podcasts, you’re going to be drooling over this one.

That said I think I’ve come up with a way for it to appeal to even those who don’t like long-form. If you want to stretch the podcast out throughout your work week, I have labeled all of our segments by timestamp so you can pick & choose what you want to listen to as it fits your available time. We don’t yet have a name for the show, but I think we’ve decided one and once it’s set in stone, we’ll be in iTunes. We will also be setting up the obligatory email, Facebook page, and Twitter accounts, too. Until then, we would love your emails at thespguide@gmail.com for questions you would like answered on the show.

This is entirely a starting pitcher episode, but it’s a pitching podcast at large so if you have questions about relievers, that works. We do inject a little fantasy baseball talk into the show, but we’re not fielding any “should I trade for pitcher x or cut pitcher z?” questions. My other show, The Towers of Power Fantasy Hours, is fantasy-related and that would be the avenue for those types of questions. We also encourage you to watch our Game of the Week discussed starting at the 2:55:05 mark so you can follow along as we discuss it on next week’s episode.

Without further ado, our pilot episode:

Download the file here. (right click, save as)

  • 0:00 – 19:30 Intro
  • 19:31 – 31:57 Jarrod Parker
  • 31:58 – 38:11 Brett Anderson
  • 38:12 – 47:18 Jeremy Hellickson
  • 47:19 – 54:42 Matt Harvey
  • 54:43 – 1:08:07 Yu Darvish
  • 1:08:08 – 1:16:32 Clay Buchholz
  • 1:16:33 – 1:26:15 Jon Lester
  • 1:26:16 – 1:37:44 Alex Cobb
  • 1:37:45 – 1:49:03 Declining Velo in April (Verlander, Sabathia, Price)
  • 1:49:02 – 1:59:11 Strasburg & the Nats
  • 1:59:12 – 2:17:20 Samardzija v. Latos
  • 2:17:21 – 2:55:04 Our Game of the Week: Lincecum v. Cashner
  • 2:55:05 – 3:07:36 Picking Next Week’s GotW
  • 3:07:37 – 3:14:42 Close

Show Notes:


16 Comments to “A New Pitching Podcast – Pilot Episode”

  1. Love the format Paul with the ability to pick segments is a great idea. That way I can get information on the players I have or are considering

  2. Haven’t listened yet (looking forward to it), but if I can make another tech recommendation, you might want to record and/or convert to mp3 at a lower bitrate. 128 kbps is really overkill for non-music (64 would be more than adequate), and it makes the file size enormous with such a long show.

  3. Awesome… looking forward to learning nuts and bolts from you guys. Obligatory questions of what the podcast is named and will it be on iTunes?

  4. itunes ? where would it be there?

  5. LOL, iTunes piece mentioned in the post. 🙂

  6. As is the name of the show bit.

  7. Oops… I’m a podcast listener, not a reader. 😉 Will keep an eye out, keep up the good work

  8. really looking forward to this. i thought the 2013 SP Guide was the best yet, and this will be a great way to gather information as the season moves along. the segment labels are a huge help.

  9. Love it! May I also suggest a separate podcast feed that can be plugged into any podcast catcher of your choice? Not all of us have iphones 😛

  10. awesome sauce

  11. Paul,
    Any update on iTunes or an address so we can add the podcast to a podcast aggregator (i.e. instacast, downcast, etc.)? Thanks. Looking foward to listening.

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